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In Sickness and Health: Story of How Lion Stayed by His Lioness’s Side Until...

Leo and Muñeca have been lifelong companions. This couple of lions and their family were rescued from a circus in 2014 by Animal Defenders...
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Against all odds: 70 Years Long Journey of Interracial Couple

Back in the 1940s, when the whole world started to face the chaos of the word war. Jake and Mary’s love started to bloom....
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From Layoff to Laughter: This Woman Pranked Her EX Co-Workers in a Hilarious Way

If there is a list of the worst things that can happen to you getting laid off would be one of the things! That...
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Celebrating a Remarkable Journey of Russell, Down Syndrome Worker Retires After 32 Years of...

Does having Down syndrome mean there is no chance for career prospects? Meet Russell O’Grady. Against all odds, this Australian man with Down’s Syndrome...
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After a woman acquired a pit bull, the two have become almost best friends.

It's amazing how appreciative the animals are to be saved. 🥰Pitbulls are the most loving dogs but some people have them for unselfish reasons!...