This story is special and different from the ones I shared before. I respect the person who had this great idea. We all have different families and backgrounds—some have more, some have less. But no matter where we’re from, we’re all human with similar needs. I hope this story spreads love and kindness, teaching us important things. In the world, there are people facing challenges or lacking basic things. That’s why helping each other is crucial.

Jake Austin bought an old truck for $5,000 and turned it into a moving shower place. It has two showers, sinks, and mirrors for people without homes. It’s a great idea where people use their thoughts to help others. But we see people without homes everywhere in the world. You’ve probably had times when you helped others and have memories of it. We help them by giving them money and food. It feels really good. They become really happy, and we do too.

I feel grateful for everyone! Jake Austin made a wonderful choice to aid homeless people. He did this by using a truck. You might be surprised at how he helped homeless people in this way. He helped everyone.

In the last few years, he’s been helping people without homes. Recently, he came up with a new idea. He bought an old truck, fixed it, and transformed it into a special place for homeless people to shower. It’s like magic! Look at these pictures – isn’t this mobile shower truck creative? People using the showers get clean towels, a safe place to wash, and free bath stuff.

This mobile truck has everything homeless people need, making it super comfortable for them to use. What’s special is that people help Austin however they can. They give bathroom stuff, like soap. Managing water and waste is a big deal here. People who used this mobile shower shared their new experiences. Awesome! All the feedback is positive. They appreciate it and say a big thanks to everyone.

These things deserve appreciation. This is how we can help everyone and spread love and kindness. As Austin mentioned, he bought this truck for $ 5,000. He is genuinely happy with this commitment. Share the moments and memories when you help others. Right now, the truck is in the St. Louis area, but Austin wants to bring it to more cities in the U.S. soon.


  1. Great idea! If someone wanted to start this in there city how would you go about getting the shower truck for use? And other information on your project.

  2. Bless your heart. I’d live to do this. I will when God entrust me with money. I’ve been there b4. Showering with jugs of water. It’s so hard. Thanks again

  3. I love this! About 10 years ago this idea occurred to me as well as a mobile laundry room. I would love to see these two combined so while someone is showering their clothing could be washed as well!

    So great, Austin! Thank you for making this happen!!!

  4. I love this idea ! You are definitely a beautiful soul for doing this . What a wonderful, thoughtful way to help our fellow man . Thank you for your ingenuity and compassion for others❣️

  5. We have had this at our church a few times. What most of us find out is we are all human beings and as such, should be treated as one. I will share this with others.

  6. How about sharing this information with all cities mayor’s. Then also help provide new clothing for these folks.
    And then they need a place to live.

  7. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story. May God Bless continue to Bless Jake and all those who are helping him.

  8. This was a blessing from God. This was a beautiful kindness and it would be even more beautiful if people give back to his kindness.

  9. This is awesome! Such a wonderful human being! Wouldn’t it be great if hairdressers and barbers in the area’s he visits offered their services for free for even just an hour or two? Sometimes you’d be surprised at what a little pampering can do for the soul. Austin you are truly a breath of fresh air! God Bless you!

  10. With a caring, loving soul you are Austin! God bless you! This story absolutely brought tears to my eyes…

  11. Austin, I wish more were able to help in any way they can. So many homeless are frowned upon. I try to give everytime i can when they are out. No one should judge how they got there. We all have a story. Kindness in any way is appreciated. I see so many college students out that are out struggling abd homeless too. You are blessed and for doing this you are blessing others.

  12. What an amazing idea! I love it! I would love to see a washer & dryer to do their laundry while showering & a change of clothes & a plate of healthy food! This is what I’ll do when I have the $$🙏🏻💗


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