Travel can sometimes be unpredictable, even with all our modern advancements. Unexpected things like bad weather or human errors can make regular trips not so enjoyable. For example, when you fly, you might find yourself sitting inside a long metal tube for hours. Turbulence, noisy kids, or impolite fellow passengers can all contribute to making your journey less pleasant.

There’s this video where a guy recorded an upset person on a plane. He was frustrated with a crying baby. While we can understand their feelings, it’s not okay to take it out on the flight crew and other passengers. Since the outburst of this angry person was so funny, this video has become very popular on the internet. 

#1 While flight delays and crying babies are universally disliked, it’s important for adults to remain composed.

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#2 A man travelling to Florida recorded a passenger who angrily shouted at a crying baby when their arrival got delayed because of bad weather.

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Flying on a plane can be stressful. So it might make some people really upset. This situation is called “air rage”. Researchers are searching for reasons for this situation.

From passengers’ point of view, they have replied to a study that they felt cramped and uncomfortable around people, which are the top reasons for this air rage. These things are the reasons behind problems raised on planes, like fights. You can find videos of these situations on TikTok and other websites.

It’s important to stay calm and be nice to others when you travel. Acting in a way that’s not grown-up and safe is not okay. But let’s look at the bigger picture. Air travel isn’t just about being on a plane. With check-ins, security checks, lines and early morning flights, the airports can be stressful places for some. Also, there can be noise, hunger, tiredness and smells, which can make people feel bothered. Being mature means not making these problems someone else’s fault. But it’s not fair to expect a baby to understand that.


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Getting on a plane can be a bit stressful. You might have to wait in lines at the airport, and when you finally get on the plane, you might see people sitting comfortably in first class. This might make you feel a bit jealous and upset, especially if something goes wrong, like a delay. If you’re sitting in a small seat in the economy section, it can make things even tougher. But it’s really important to remember not to take out your frustrations on the crew or other passengers


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