Dogs are known for loving us a lot. They make strong, lifelong friendships with people and always love us no matter what. That’s why people all around the world really like them. As time goes by, they become even better friends with us. Whether they’re helping us when we’re sad or just making our days happier, dogs are really special and important to us.

When you adopt a dog, and it becomes part of your family, if something bad happens to the dog, it makes you sad, too. This is what happened to Carlos Fresco, who had a close friendship with his 10-year-old dog named Monty. Carlos loved Monty like a friend and family member. Keep reading to learn more about this emotional story.


Image credits: Brecon Radnor

Monty was sick with leukaemia, and he got treatment to help, but the sickness came back, and it made him very unhealthy.

Fresco saw that his special friend Monty was getting close to the end of his life and feeling a lot of pain. Since Fresco really cared about Monty and loved him a lot, he wanted to make sure Monty’s last days were happy.


Image credits: Brecon Radnor

He chose to bring Monty to their most-loved spots and have fun with him. He placed Monty in a wheelbarrow and took him to all the places they liked to visit. Monty sat in the wheelbarrow comfortably.


Image credits: Brecon Radnor

It was really touching to watch Fresco bring Monty to spots where they had good memories together. They went on walks up mountains and other places, and lots of other people who were hiking joined them to keep Monty company. It was easy to see that Monty was very happy during these trips.


Image credits: Brecon Radnor

Monty really enjoyed going on walks, and his most loved one was up a mountain in Wales. Fresco said this was his way of showing respect to Monty, who was a really joyful dog and made everyone happy around him.

Monty passed away on June 21st, 2021, and many people feel really sad about it. Fresco still thinks about the good times he shared with Monty and feels thankful for their friendship. We hope Monty can rest in peace.

Here are some pictures of the last things Monty did. Please share your thoughts about these pictures in the comments below.


Image credits: Brecon Radnor


Image credits: Brecon Radnor


Image credits: Brecon Radnor


Image credits: Brecon Radnor


Image credits: Brecon Radnor


Image credits: Brecon Radnor


  1. Such heart warming presentation. This brought me to tears! I lost my dog years ago to kidney failure and had to be put down. This story reminded me of my journey with my dog Gino.

    • I love this. My girl is 10 almost 11 and I cherish every moment. I lost her bonded brother Charlie to cancer in the summer of 2020, I understand this pain and loss all too well. Love seeing these adventures.

  2. I can feel the sadness that your feeling I had a special friend had name was harley she was every thing to me I had a stroke in 2003 at 40 when I come home from the hospital she would not leave my side she was the best friend a person could have she passed away in September 2025 I belive she was there to help Monty over the rainbow bridge she was. That type of dog always wanting to help and comfort any body weather it was another dog or a human

  3. What a wonderful way to celebrate a life that brought so much joy to everyone who came in contact with him. All too often we take for granted the people, places, and things in our lives until one day they are gone. Our time here is so very short and we don’t know when we will take our last breath so make each day count for something and let those that you hold close to your heart know how much they mean to you each and every day.

  4. I’m crying too hard to breathe, let alone speak!
    Thank you, Fresco, for sharing your Monty’s last days with us. You’re a hero to your own hero!
    My poodle, Molly, is 13 yrs young. It’s been her & I since she was 5 or 6 weeks old ~ abandoned & left shivering in the cold. She IS my hero, my best buddy even my soul mate, if you will! Your idea with the wheelbarrow & “Monty The Backpack” going to your guys’ favorite places is a terrific, tremendous idea for me to do for Molly when her time comes.
    I pray you’re able to be comforted, Fresco, healing a little at a time and strengthening.
    Monty has had a beautiful life because of you, as yours has been made that much richer because if Monty.
    God bless you both until you meet again…
    And you will!

  5. This man and his beautiful dog was so wonderful. He loved that dog so much. When I lost my dog, I could hardly breathe and though it has been five years I still grieve. God Bless.

  6. U took so good care of each other. This is such a bittersweet story. When I lose a dog, I’m losing a family member. It hurts and u never forget them.

  7. I saw your story and I just wanted to cry. I know how much you and Monty loved each other as I do with my little girl Bella.I can see the love you shared. They are such good companions and they are family, Bless you and Monty in doggie heaven till we all meet our companions again.


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