In a heartwarming tale of love and friendship, a courageous woman named Elizabeth Diamond faced a tough battle with stage-four brain cancer. Worried about the future of her four daughters, Elizabeth’s best friend, Laura Ruffino, made an incredible promise. Sadly, Elizabeth passed away in April 2015, but Laura, keeping her word, adopted all four girls, making her family bigger. The community in Orchard Park, NY, is coming together to support the Ruffino-Diamond family during this transition, raising over $80,000 through a YouCaring campaign.

Elizabeth Diamond, a single mother, received the devastating news of her stage-four brain cancer diagnosis in August 2014. Naturally concerned about what would happen to her beloved daughters if she couldn’t care for them anymore, her lifelong friend Laura Ruffino, who had been with her since fifth grade, made a selfless promise. Laura pledged to adopt Elizabeth’s four daughters if anything happened to her.



Unfortunately, Elizabeth’s fight against cancer concluded in April 2015. Just as she pledged, Laura Ruffino stepped up to adopt all four girls. This loving and devoted act instantly doubled Laura’s family. Alongside her husband and their two daughters, the Ruffino-Diamond family now forms a caring household of eight.



The word about Laura’s amazing adoption spread rapidly in their Orchard Park, NY community. Those nearby were touched by her selflessness and wished to help the family during this significant transition. To lend support, a fundraising campaign was set up on the YouCaring platform.



The community’s reaction has been really heartwarming. People from different backgrounds, both nearby and far away, have joined forces to donate to the campaign. Their generous contributions have exceeded $80,000, undoubtedly providing valuable assistance to the Ruffino-Diamond family as they embark on this new chapter.



Elizabeth Diamond’s struggle with brain cancer was a challenging and emotional journey. Nevertheless, her best friend Laura Ruffino made a promise that would permanently impact the lives of Elizabeth’s daughters. Through adopting all four girls, Laura showed remarkable love and dedication. The Orchard Park, NY, community expressed its support through a fundraising campaign that garnered over $80,000 to assist the Ruffino-Diamond family during this period of adjustment. This touching story serves as a reminder of the strength of friendship and the significance of uniting to aid those in need.




  1. What a fantastic thing to do, not just for the girls but thier mother too, giving her peace when nearing her end..


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