A waitress in Arkansas faced an unexpected problem after a group of kind people left her a huge $4,400 tip at Oven and Tap in Bentonville. The hardworking server, Ryan Brandt found herself in trouble when the restaurant manager insisted she share the tip with the whole staff.

This clash between kindness and company rules ended with Brandt losing her job. Let’s take a closer look at this sad story and consider what it means for generosity and workplace rules in today’s society.

The Story Begins

Grant Wise’s “$100 Dinner Club” Visits Oven and Tap

Grant Wise, who owns a popular local real estate company, did something great by starting the well-known “$100 Dinner Club.” This club aimed to support servers facing tough times due to COVID-related shutdowns.

Wise and his group picked Oven and Tap, a famous restaurant in Bentonville, Arkansas, for their visit. They wanted to help the community while enjoying a delicious meal.

Waitress Ryan Brandt Gets a Huge Tip of $4,400 from the group.

As the night went on, a hardworking waitress named Ryan Brandt became part of a generous moment. The “$100 Dinner Club” members surprised Brandt with an amazing $4,400 tip, wanting her to share it with another waitress who had to leave early because she was sick. Their kindness deeply touched Brandt, even bringing tears to her eyes.

Managers Ask for Tips to Be Shared with Everyone, Going Against Their Usual Rule

Brandt’s happiness turned into sadness and confusion. This policy had never been enforced in her three and a half years of working there. However, the managers approached her and said she needed to share the big tip with the team.

This change in how the tip was divided broke Brandt’s heart because she had already planned to use the money to pay off her student loans.

Brandt’s Sadness and Hopes to Pay Off Student Loans

Ryan Brandt, a student at the University of Arkansas who studied Spanish, had big plans for the sizable tip. She saw it as a great opportunity to ease her financial struggles, especially with the burden of college loans. The unexpected money was a chance to make significant progress in repaying her debts.

However, her dreams hit when she learned she had to give up most of the tip. This confusing situation forced Brandt to make a tough choice – either follow the restaurant’s decision or stand up for what she believed was right.

The clash between Brandt’s personal goals and the company’s tip-sharing policy became the starting point for a series of events that would impact her career and spark discussions about how hardworking people are treated in the workplace.

The Aftermath

Brandt Gets Fired for Talking to Wise About Tip Sharing

Ryan Brandt faced serious consequences when higher-ups found out about the tip-sharing matter. She was suddenly fired for supposedly “breaking” the rules by talking to Grant Wise, the organizer of the “$100 Dinner Club,” about the tipping policy.

Brandt felt it was unfair to be punished just for trying to understand and losing her job made the already sensitive situation even more unstable.

Wise Tries to Help and Talk to the Restaurant Boss

Feeling really upset about Brandt losing her job, Grant Wise tried his best to fix things. He reached out to the restaurant owner, hoping to ensure they treated Brandt fairly and reconsidered firing her.

However, Wise had a hard time connecting with the owner. The brief conversation ended abruptly with only a few strange text messages.

Wise Takes Action to Help Brandt

Grant Wise got frustrated when talking directly, which didn’t solve the problem. To assist Ryan Brandt, he took matters into his own hands. Wise personally retrieved the $4,400 tip from the restaurant and launched a GoFundMe campaign. His actions demonstrated his commitment to doing what he believed was right, aiming to ease the financial burden on Brandt.

Easing Brandt’s Money Struggles and Offering a New Beginning

Brandt faced unexpected job loss, creating financial stress. The aftermath of this situation affected not only Brandt and Wise but also gathered support from many people who were upset about the unfair treatment of a hardworking waitress caught in conflicting rules.

The firing caused a big uproar and led to discussions about treating people fairly, being transparent about company rules, and the significance of unexpected acts of kindness. As the story unfolded, it became clear that this was more than just a money disagreement; it was a serious look into how people are valued and protected at work.

Backing Up Brandt: Wise’s Online Posts

Grant Wise shared his sadness and disappointment about Ryan Brandt losing her job on social media. He expressed his wish to assist her and ensure she didn’t have to handle the incident’s effects by herself through heartfelt posts.

Wise’s posts caught the attention of a lot of people online, and many felt sympathy for Brandt’s situation.

Oven And Tap Keeps Quiet About Brandt’s Firing

Considering the increasing public attention, oven and Tap officials chose not to talk about the details of why Ryan Brandt lost her job. Their decision to stay silent made many people curious whether the restaurant’s actions were fair and what exactly led Brandt to get fired.

The success of the Online Fundraiser and Good News for Brandt

Grant Wise’s GoFundMe campaign got incredible support, showing the strength of the online community. The fundraising surpassed its goal quickly, raising a significant amount to help Brandt during her transition. The kindness from strangers went beyond expectations.

In an update, Wise shared that Brandt had found a new job at another restaurant. This allowed her to move forward and leave the upsetting incident behind.

People from the internet and real life showed they cared about Ryan Brandt. No matter where they’re from, they came together to say they didn’t like how a good thing was handled, and they didn’t agree with how she was treated unfairly.

Because of this event, people started to talk more about being open and treating others fairly. Bosses need to take care of their employees. 

Grant Wise and the online community did more than provide money to Brandt. They demonstrated that acts of kindness can have a significant impact. Despite the sadness of the situation, it evoked empathy for Brandt and prompted reflection on how we should treat one another in the workplace.


A lady named Ryan Brandt lost her job in Arkansas because she didn’t share a big tip of $4,400. This showed that work rules can be confusing, and being kind unexpectedly is important. Many people got upset about this and supported treating everyone fairly, talking openly, and understanding at work.

Ryan Brandt handled losing her job with strength and grace. People from different backgrounds came together to help her emotionally and with money, showing the power of working together.

This incident also made people think about how companies operate and if they treat their employees fairly. Employers were reminded to talk clearly with their workers and have fair rules.

The main lesson from this story is that being kind, and understanding has a big impact that lasts a long time. Support from the “$100 Dinner Club” and online community inspired others to be generous and understanding.

We should remember these lessons – treating everyone fairly, working together, and being kind lasts a long time. We should aim for workplaces where everyone is treated well, and kindness and fairness are important.

Ryan Brandt’s story shows that staying determined and hopeful can help in tough times. Together, we can create a society where people are treated well and acts of kindness are celebrated.

As we finish talking about Ryan Brandt, the Arkansas waitress who lost her job over a $4,400 tip, we want to hear from you. Have you been in a situation where workplace rules clashed with being kind? Share your thoughts with us.

Share this story with your family and friends if you found it interesting. Together, we can make more people aware, inspire change, and spread kindness in our communities.

Thanks for reading, and we look forward to hearing from you in the comments.


  1. This happened to me, I worked with my in laws in a restaurant, doing cream teas and evening dinners as a waitress, I was serving a rather important family and as it happened, my first , I was given a £15 tip which the head waitress said it had to be shared out, but only the week before, she had a tip which she kept. I ended up sharing it in good faith.

  2. I served most of my Career. Although I’m in the United States and understand other places do things differently. But our tips were our tips except at the end of our shifts we paid a percentage to runners (which are employees that are there just to run out hot food when it came up. I see giving them something for that. Everything is to make the guests happy they came to that restaurant and Leanne with full bellies and are happy with their experience. But we also had to give a percentage of our tips to busing services, as well as the prep team. Now these people made higher than minimum wage. Unlike the runners they only made minimum wage. Many people forget Servers do not even make minimum wage. (Basically You work for tips). I did Great working as a server I feel because I was always kind no matter what. That’s the way I strive to live my life, so I took a lot away from not only this story but from serving. To ALWAYS BE KIND- Treat Others as You would want them to Test You,AMEN

  3. Of course, the waitress should have shared. The work of many others- cooks, cleaners, etc- supported her work.

  4. I have mixed feelings on this! I feel it’s a team effort.
    The waitress served the food, but if the rest of the team doesn’t also do a good job then the entire experience for the customer is ruined. The waitress should have wanted to take care of those that helped her provide the service to the customer. Maybe she receives half and the rest be shared with staff. I honestly don’t think she should have received entire tip. Yes, I was a waitress at one point in my life. I guarantee she wasn’t the only person working at that restaurant with struggles. I personally think she was being selfish.

  5. I’m sure if one of my co-workers got a big tip like that they wouldn’t share. I wouldn’t expect them to. As I wouldn’t share with them. I’d probably offer to buy dinner for everyone at the best restaurant in town. That would be as far as my sharing would go. If I was on the other side receiving the dinner I’d be happy also.

  6. I’m just curious. The article stated she was to share the tip with another waitress who left early. “ The $100 Dinner Club” members surprised Brandt with an amazing $4,400 tip, wanting her to share it with another waitress who had to leave early because she was sick”. Did she? As far as with the rest of the staff, I feel that only the ones she’s suppose to tip out should have gotten a percentage as she would normally do on any other day. But to have to share with the rest of the wait staff, no they make tips and if the rule was never enforced before then no it wasn’t something that was done before. Why when all of sudden someone makes a huge amount they want to now enforce the policy. That is totally unfair. But I would love an update if the she shared the waitress that left early.


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