If there is a list of the worst things that can happen to you getting laid off would be one of the things! That is the universal truth. But people respond differently to the news though. If a person can react to the news of you getting fired from the job humorously, she or he should be one of a kind.

Meet Marchie, the woman who played a hilarious mischief prank to her coworkers after she got fired from her job. This 25 year old worked as a sales and marketing professional and was the only person who got fired from her team. so, she was on a mission to make sure her old boss remembers her awesomeness.

Image credits: @the.marchie

And she didn’t forget to make a video explaining her prank and posted it on TikTok, which has surpassed 5 million views at the moment.

She said:

“So I was laid off, and Friday was my last day, and I was the only member of my team to get laid off, which really super sucked. But to prove that I will never actually leave, I hid these pictures of myself all over the office with different things in the speech bubble.”

Image credits: @the.marchie
Image credits: @the.marchie

“And at 3:30 today on Monday, I’ve been informed that this is what they’ve been doing all day.”

“The best part about it is, I numbered all these photos, but I skipped numbers. They’ll never think they’ve found all of them,”

Image credits: @the.marchie

In the comments, people showed love to this prank and the way she handled the situation. While some said how hilarious this prank is others said the ex employer will be regret to loose a employee this funny. And also some had shared their experience of pranks they had pulled on their offices. 

Pranks can help people feel better without hurting anyone. It’s important for bosses to be fair and kind to keep the workplace happy and productive. Kudos to Marchie for handling the situation well.



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