They all have so much meaning. ♥️♥️

In their 2014 Super Bowl ad, “Puppy Love,” Budweiser depicted the camaraderie and love that developed between a Clydesdale and a Labrador Retriever puppy, who eventually became inseparable. The dog used to sneak over to the neighbor’s house to visit his horse friend, but after the puppy was adopted, he had to leave him behind. In the end, the Clydesdales reunited by banding together and pursuing the dog. However, social distancing later erected another wall between them.

Remind yourself to drink wisely and to reunite with the people you are with, wherever you are.

The cutest Budweiser commercials are always the ones with all the animals and amazing passion! ❤️


These pals are eager to meet each other again and are on a track to do so soon. 🙂😊 Animals are lovely. ❤️

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