It’s amazing how appreciative the animals are to be saved. 🥰

Pitbulls are the most loving dogs but some people have them for unselfish reasons! 😽

When Filoon, a Temple University student, first met Russ, she was helping at a nearby animal shelter.

In addition to having kennel cough and other conditions like eye infection and itchy skin, the little dog was also bleeding from the tail and was thought to be underweight. Filoon observes that in spite of everything, he looked at her with a serene expression, as if he already knew that she would become his mother eventually.

She went to see Russ again the next day, and when they went for a drive, she felt it was meant to be. The two have essentially been together ever then.

Its strength thrilled the animal shelter as well. Knowing that we played a part in this ideal match makes us happy to see animals in their forever homes.

Unpredictably, life can bring two beings together occasionally. It appears that the two are a match made in heaven! Pit bulls are highly clever canines that have a plenty of love to give.

Animals from shelters are the best! He seems very happy now! 😏 Thank you for loving and saving this bulldog that was in need.

Pitbulls appear to be very loving dogs if treated and nurtured well! 💕

Nothing is more valuable than unconditional love. A caring dog comes from a loving household. 🏡❤️

These stunning creatures are aware of what true love is 💕🐕 It all depends on their upbringing. Most of them are incredibly lovely and loving! 😽😘

I’m glad he finally found a loving home!

❤️ God bless them! 🙏🙏


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