If you don’t have a pet, you might think animals are just cute things to take care of. But if you’ve owned a pet, you know they’re much more than that. They’re friends who give you love and happiness. We found some really heartwarming animal pictures on the internet that show just how special animals can be.

Scientists study how we connect with animals. One important thing is how “domesticated” they are. The more domesticated an animal is, the more likely they are to become close with humans. Another thing is “anthropomorphism,” which means we sometimes see human emotions in animal behavior.

#1 My kitten found shelter from a storm under my roommate’s dog

Image Credit: YungDemon

#2 Check out these animals calmly queueing up in a line

Image Credit:natemook

#3 In these difficult times, Luna, who is not usually allowed on the couch, provides comfort.

Image Credit:WeRateDogs

#4 A Gesture that Seems to Say “You First”

Image Credit:ColleenLindsay

#5 An amazing makeover of a saved dog with three legs.

Image Credit:PM_ME_IRONIC

#6 A feline showing signs of missing its brothers or sisters through its everyday routines.

Image Credit:Jaxteller91

he domestication of animals is a crucial element in the bond between humans and animals, but it’s not the only factor. While the idea of wolves gradually turning into today’s dogs has been passed down as a legend, a scientific trial conducted in Siberia provides insight into the actual possibility of this metamorphosis.

#7 Taking in an entire group of cats who were meowing outside my door.

Image Credit:ericadias

#8 A minuscule being on the brink of drifting off into the air.

Image Credit:dog_rates

#9 An Elderly Cat, Gazing to Relive Kittenhood

Image Credit:twerking4teemo

#10 Information obtained from a school for orangutans in their natural habitat.

Image Credit:yashar

#11 Reveling in the Comfort of a Wonderful Furry Companion

Image Credit:John_Gilimour

#12 Making happy memories with our canine companion throughout the holiday period.

Image Credit:pacmaneatsfruit

#13 A Bird Feeder-Induced Nap

Image Credit:anonymuscles

#14 Debating Cutness Subjectivity with a Little Guy

Image Credit:Leekun95

#15 The innate ability of animals to sense the approaching labor process.

Image Credit:highly_uncertain


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