The world we inhabit is no longer as secure and picturesque as it once was. Due to humankind’s selfish and unrestrained desires, we have collectively devastated our Mother Nature, and many remain indifferent to this fact. As a result, environmental pollution has emerged as the leading cause of death worldwide.

The oil that we spill in waterways, the papers we dump on the floor, and the polythene that we recklessly discard everywhere are all putting numerous innocent animals in harm’s way. However, we must remember that our actions will have consequences, and we will eventually have to face them.

It is truly appalling how people casually litter their surroundings and luxuriate in their air-conditioned homes, without sparing a thought for anything beyond their own convenience and satisfaction. We are oblivious to the repercussions of environmental pollution because we are not the ones who suffer from a lack of clean drinking water or have to resort to feeding our children with impure substances. Studies have shown that pollution has led to the deaths of 1 million seabirds and 100 million mammals. If we continue to neglect this issue, we will inevitably face dire consequences in the near future. The existence of all animal species, as well as rainforests and glaciers, will be in jeopardy. Unfortunately, by the time the human race realizes the gravity of the situation, it may be too late to reverse the damage and even save our own lives.

The following images provide a glimpse into the harsh realities of our world. Take a moment to reflect and assess what actions you can take to avert this impending disaster.

#A cotton bud inside a jellyfish

Image Credit: Bluewin

#A Sea Lion eating a plastic bottle

Image Credit: Philsportsnews

#A disheartening image of a fish ensnared in a plastic glove.

Image Credit: Salmantino

#A distressing picture of sea lions entangled in plastic waste.

Image Credit:Peachring

#Tragic death of bird caused by razor entrapment

Image Credit: Peachring

#Trapped Sea Turtle

Image Credit: Voncho

#The crab lives in an old bottle

Image Credit: Imgur

#Plastic entrapment leads to bird’s neck and beak being trapped

Image Credit: mirtesen

#Trapped in plastic, this turtle’s waist couldn’t grow

Image Credit: Zinoti

#Plastic bag entrapment endangers the life of a helpless seal

Image Credit: Pluska

#Shark in a polluted sea

Image Credit:Etemadonline

#Incident of duck entrapment highlights the danger of man-made hazards

Image Credit: Wulansari

#Rescue mission underway for sea turtle caught in fishing net



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